Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I explored all three tools to see if I could find a podcast or two that would be interesting. I ended up using Yahoo Podcasts and found two that I really liked. The other two tools I think are still useful, but I had a harder time finding something that I liked using those. What I did like about was that you could browse tags. This is a useful searching technique. I just thought that Yahoo Podcasts was the easiest of the three to use, at least for me. The searching was user-friendly and I could locate the RSS feed very easily. I found two podcasts and added them both to my Bloglines account ( I found a library related one that seems very intersting: Open Stacks. The topics on the podcasts were very intersting. I also selected PotterCast to keep me up-to-date on HP info, just for fun. I think that these tools are very useful for personal interest as well as locating podcasts for the library.


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