Monday, October 02, 2006

Keepin' Track of Time with HipCal

I explored a personal organization Web 2.0 tool called HipCal (won 1st place). This tool actually is a way to keep track of, well, your life! It's a free resource that you can keep a calendar online. It is very easy to use and right up my alley! I always lose my regular calendar, which is why I decided to just not keep one. But, this is a great resource. I can get to it anywhere, on any computer. You can look at your calendar either by day, week, month or even year! A feature that I think is great is that it has an alert message that you can send to your email or cell phone! So, if you have to do something Tuesday night at 7:00, you can program HipCal to send you a reminder message. You can keep your contacts in there too. I really love this Web 2.0 tool! I registered for an I just need to make time to use it. Maybe I should send myself a reminder message...


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