Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The End

And she lived happily ever after...! What an accomplishment! I feel so good right now that I have been able to complete Learning 2.0! I feel like I have learned so much over this time. One of my goals in the beginning was to feel as if I knew more about the new technologies out there...and I really do! I didn't know what a wiki was or about image generators. Now, I've even added a video to my Blog! And I didn't ever know anything about Blogs before! I feel like I have this whole new understanding and have developed professionally and personally throughout this process. I really feel as if I'm on the way to being a Librarian 2.0. It is a great feeling. I think Learning 2.0 was a great program and am so happy that I participated. I think, even if the only thing that comes out of this is that I know about the Web 2.0 tools ,I will at least be able to converse with others and know what is happening to help further the goals of libraries. But, I really think that I will keep up with them myself and really use them in my daily life. If the library did another program like this, I would definitely participate! I feel like I have learned so much! And, well, I guess this is... The End. onto the next chapter!


It was very easy to create an account with NetLibrary. I browsed through the different subjects to see what audiobooks NetLibrary has...there are a lot to choose from! I looked mostly through the adult titles, there seems to be more than for children. I am very excited to try this out! I really like to listen to books and this will be a great place to come and find a good audiobook to listen to. I found a few audiobooks that I will definitely download and listen to. I think I'll try a Sandra Brown...just for fun!


I explored all three tools to see if I could find a podcast or two that would be interesting. I ended up using Yahoo Podcasts and found two that I really liked. The other two tools I think are still useful, but I had a harder time finding something that I liked using those. What I did like about was that you could browse tags. This is a useful searching technique. I just thought that Yahoo Podcasts was the easiest of the three to use, at least for me. The searching was user-friendly and I could locate the RSS feed very easily. I found two podcasts and added them both to my Bloglines account ( I found a library related one that seems very intersting: Open Stacks. The topics on the podcasts were very intersting. I also selected PotterCast to keep me up-to-date on HP info, just for fun. I think that these tools are very useful for personal interest as well as locating podcasts for the library.

Monday, October 02, 2006

"The Magic Begins"

YouTube is a very intersting site. I wasn't sure how to find different videos at first when I started looking. The browsing wasn't as useful to me as just searching. So, it would probably help to have an idea of what you're looking for in terms of videos. I really like the search feature on the site. I chose this video because I thought I'd continue on with my Harry Potter theme...being a true HP fanatic! I really liked this video because it is of the first movie (my fave) and has some of the best lines from the books/movies. I think that, in terms of teens, if they had a teen blog/site people were contributing to, it may be fun for them to make videos and post it on the group blog/site. Or even libraries could make a video, maybe something for summer reading to publicize the program...

Keepin' Track of Time with HipCal

I explored a personal organization Web 2.0 tool called HipCal (won 1st place). This tool actually is a way to keep track of, well, your life! It's a free resource that you can keep a calendar online. It is very easy to use and right up my alley! I always lose my regular calendar, which is why I decided to just not keep one. But, this is a great resource. I can get to it anywhere, on any computer. You can look at your calendar either by day, week, month or even year! A feature that I think is great is that it has an alert message that you can send to your email or cell phone! So, if you have to do something Tuesday night at 7:00, you can program HipCal to send you a reminder message. You can keep your contacts in there too. I really love this Web 2.0 tool! I registered for an I just need to make time to use it. Maybe I should send myself a reminder message...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Visiting Zoho

This is such a useful tool. I didn't realize this was out there! I can definitely see myself using Zoho Writer in the future. It is very easy to use and has some cool features, like the different "emotions" you normally see in IM's. I can really see my youngest sister's generation (she's 19)getting into this app...she grew up IMing all the time. I also like the "collaborative" aspect to Zoho Writer. You can email your document very easily to a friend or co-worker and choose to read-only or allow the person to write to the document. This could really come in handy. It seems easy to keep track of your docuements too. I really do love this tool! What a great resource!