Thursday, September 28, 2006

The New Librarian?

I think that Library 2.0 really focuses on a new way of thinking in libraries, which I think has been slowly evolving already. I don't know if it is necisarily "new" per se but just has been evolving and developing. The one perspective that really hits me the most is "Into a New World of Librarianship" by Michael Stephens. I think that librarians are becoming more open now to new technology, but we just have to keep learning how to use them, how to implement them into our daily working lives, and how to get in touch with users. I think that Learning 2.0 has set PLCMC in the right direction into creating librarians and staff who will be thinking more in terms of Library 2.0. I also really liked what Rick Anderson had to say in his article. I think too that we need to help train the patrons, customers, borrowers...users as he says. I also think that a main goal should be to make sure we are thinking "outside the box" on how to use these Web 2.0 technologies in order to meet our users half-way and on their own turf... in "the Web" as Anderson says. Especially if we want to keep in touch with the newer generation that has completely grown up with blogs, IMs, cell phones, texting, etc. It's their way of life. We need to make sure that it's ours in a way, but without "technolust," as Stephens says.


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