Thursday, September 28, 2006

At last... Wikis!

I have been waiting to get to this "thing" so I could learn what a wiki is...! I think that wikis are very useful because of their collaborative nature. The first I thought was: "This would have been great in grad school!" When doing different projects at IU, a wiki would have been a great tool. Many times we wrote group papers or emailed each other ideas. A wiki would have allowed me and other students to talk with one another and edit any assignments within the wiki. I find that there must be different levels of wikis. What I mean is that some like the ALA conference wiki for New Orelans allowed people to edit more easily...while the Book Lovers Wiki was just for the summer reading group and people would need to get the directions from library staff in order to contribute. Wikis are very conducive to libraries...I could see myself providing a book club for older kids or tweens using a wiki. Even working on a project with other librarians using one. Wikis will even help librarians (or anyone) to collaborate when separated by a long geographic distance even easier than just emailing back and forth. I really like the idea of patrons being able to write reviews on a wiki like the Book Lovers wiki. I think especially with teens, a wiki would be a great place for them to be able to share ideas, maybe something in a teen advisory capacity. Instead of trying to force teens to come to the library, go to where the teens are! I really think that the ideas for application to the library is really limitless, anywhere where your imagination can take you really. Finally, I know what a wiki is!


  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger dlg said…

    Good ideas, especially in regards to the teens - go to where they are, online. Your ideas and thoughts are full of positive energy and you certainly seem to have a good grasp of the concepts. As the Irish would say, "Brilliant!"


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