Thursday, September 28, 2006

WIki This, Wiki That

This was very fun! It gave me a chance to actually post to a wiki and see what others have already posted. I added my faves to movies and books...and added my blog to the fave blogs page too. This was a really great way to learn how to contribute to a wiki. Now I feel as if I have a better understanding of wikis. This exercise helped me realize the true potentail of wikis for collaboration and sharing of ideas with others. I can see how fun this would be to use and it wasn't as diffificult to add to the wiki as I thought it would be!

At last... Wikis!

I have been waiting to get to this "thing" so I could learn what a wiki is...! I think that wikis are very useful because of their collaborative nature. The first I thought was: "This would have been great in grad school!" When doing different projects at IU, a wiki would have been a great tool. Many times we wrote group papers or emailed each other ideas. A wiki would have allowed me and other students to talk with one another and edit any assignments within the wiki. I find that there must be different levels of wikis. What I mean is that some like the ALA conference wiki for New Orelans allowed people to edit more easily...while the Book Lovers Wiki was just for the summer reading group and people would need to get the directions from library staff in order to contribute. Wikis are very conducive to libraries...I could see myself providing a book club for older kids or tweens using a wiki. Even working on a project with other librarians using one. Wikis will even help librarians (or anyone) to collaborate when separated by a long geographic distance even easier than just emailing back and forth. I really like the idea of patrons being able to write reviews on a wiki like the Book Lovers wiki. I think especially with teens, a wiki would be a great place for them to be able to share ideas, maybe something in a teen advisory capacity. Instead of trying to force teens to come to the library, go to where the teens are! I really think that the ideas for application to the library is really limitless, anywhere where your imagination can take you really. Finally, I know what a wiki is!

The New Librarian?

I think that Library 2.0 really focuses on a new way of thinking in libraries, which I think has been slowly evolving already. I don't know if it is necisarily "new" per se but just has been evolving and developing. The one perspective that really hits me the most is "Into a New World of Librarianship" by Michael Stephens. I think that librarians are becoming more open now to new technology, but we just have to keep learning how to use them, how to implement them into our daily working lives, and how to get in touch with users. I think that Learning 2.0 has set PLCMC in the right direction into creating librarians and staff who will be thinking more in terms of Library 2.0. I also really liked what Rick Anderson had to say in his article. I think too that we need to help train the patrons, customers, borrowers...users as he says. I also think that a main goal should be to make sure we are thinking "outside the box" on how to use these Web 2.0 technologies in order to meet our users half-way and on their own turf... in "the Web" as Anderson says. Especially if we want to keep in touch with the newer generation that has completely grown up with blogs, IMs, cell phones, texting, etc. It's their way of life. We need to make sure that it's ours in a way, but without "technolust," as Stephens says.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Technorati: Not just a site.

This is a great place to find interesting blogs...I like how it is organizes by category, When I did the searches on Learning 2.0 the results were very different. With the "blog directory" search I found some PLCMCers right away with there being only 9 hits! On the other end of the spectrum, there were over 28,000 when searching in blog posts, which makes sense since it is searching all the posts. I think that I would use Technorati if I wanted to find a blog on a certain subject. It also helps you find what's hip out there in the Boing Boing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yum! Delicious!

I have never heard of until working on Learning 2.0. I think that this tool will be very useful. Traditional bookmarking isn't always that great...when I moved here three years ago, of course I lost all of my bookmarks I had at home and at work. But, if I had had a account I could have kept everything easily. I could have had all my bookmarks in one place, as opposed to two different computers in a whole other state! I can also see how useful this tool could be with research for the same reason. Instead of bookmarking sites in various places, everything can just be put in one place that can be accessed from anywhere. When looking around the site, it was very interesting to see the different tags people use, follow through with a specific tag or click on one of the user names and see what other things they have saved. I also think that it is such a great tool because you can see what other people think about a site. Not to be redundant, but I did a search on "Harry Potter" and it is interesting to see what sites people find as "the best" just by looking at their comments. What a great tool!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Attention Muggles!

I think that this is a great tool! It is fairly easy to use too. I can see people compiling search rolls for homework or libraries could develp some search rolls on popular searches on the library website, such as great genealogy sites. Instead of doing a Google search each time, you could just go to your search roll and find all those sites on a topic that you like! For example, I have included my search roll on ....Harry Potter! So enjoy!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Wow! This is such a great resource. I decided that instead of listing books in my catalog that I have already read, I would instead list books that I want to still read. This is such a great place to keep my "to read" list...I have a hard time keeping track of my books on paper. Now I can just look at my LibraryThing catalog! So can you:

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Image Generator

I looked at a few of the image generators and this was the one I liked the best! It wasn't too difficult to put on my blog since I could just copy and paste the HTML code into my message...the only problem I had was that it was originally too BIG! So instead of having "kidelibrarian" for my image, I used just my much better! This was definitely a fun "thing"!

Feed Me Seymour, Feed Me!

The two search tools I liked best for finding feeds were the Blogline's Search tool and Technorati. I liked the search features the best and was able to find blogs and feeds that I was most interested in... like The Leaky Cauldron...being a crazed HP fan! I also went to my fave online newspaper site (USA Today) and suddenly realized that they had all these feeds I could subscribe to! I found a Top stories feed so I can keep up with the biggest news stories and a blog for my favorite popular culture column, Pop Candy! I found a google group on children's literature that I subscribed to...this is great because when I subscribe to something on email, my inbox is inundated with emails. Now, with Bloglines I can just read the feed. It's great!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Luvin' Bloglines

I just finished setting up my Bloglines account and selecting some feeds. I love Bloglines! It is a great way to keep everything in one place. Now, I can just go to my Bloglines account and see what's happpening in the news, entertainment, read a comic and see what other people are posting on their one place! (So can you! Here's my public account I want to add some more feeds that I find interesting! I can see myself logging into my Bloglines account at home in order to catch up on the news, etc. I really love Bloglines because it will help me find the information I want to see quickly.

Friday, September 08, 2006

"Anything" technology

Learning how to use Flickr has made me feel much more "in the loop" technologically speaking. I had no idea this was out there. I think the various online applications are really amazing. I can see how participating in these sites like Flickr can make you see that the world isn't so big. And I can see how Flickr can fit into my life. I can add my own pictures to Flickr and share parts of my life with people, like my family and friends. Since they live quite a distance from me, I think this would be a great tool to share photos with each other and keep in touch. The web apps are very interesting too...all I have to say is, check out the Flickr Chia Pets! Classic!

japanese maple

japanese maple
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I think that my favorite third party tool is the Flickr Color Picker! It is fascinating to me that people have branched off of Flickr like this! I could spend forever looking at the pictures that come up for each color. I really love this pix because it just looks so soft...and the color is gorgeous!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
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O solo mio! This picture reminds me of how much I want to go to Venice, Italy. One thing I have to do is travel to Italy and Venice will be one of my stops! It must be my Italian ancestry!